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Taking wireless shifting to the next level

  • More ergonomic and comfortable designed than the standard buttons
  • Easy installation
  • Fist all the AXS remotes (GX, X01, XX1)
  • No more annoying play in the button
  • Spring is not needed (but can be installed)
  • Made from Carbon filled Nylon


If the part is “Available on backorder”, we produce it on demand.

We strive to have it ready for shipping within 2 workdays.


A new alternative for the standard wireless AXS shifter buttons from Sram.

  • Works with all AXS Remotes (X01 XX1 GX).
  • Better ergonomics and shifting performance, with the buttons under the bar.
  • The annoying play that the standard buttons have, is completely gone.
  • Without the spring installed you need around 70% of the force to opperate the front button
  • With the spring installed you need about the same force as original to opperate the front button
  • Easy installation. In about 2 minutes the upgrade can be installed with basic tools
  • Custom laser engraved personalisation (optional)

The Quickshift model allows you to use your thumb to upshift and downshift, and to use you index finger or thumbnail to upshift (like triggershift).


Installation video:


Fully 3d printed.

Material: Filamentum Industrial Carbon Filled Nylon (CF15)

Weight complete button assenmbly with screws: 19 gram
(original Sram shifter button parts are 12 gram / Sram rocker paddle with parts are 16 gram)


Dangerouse Dave with his take on the shifter:


Quickshift (old model) compared to the standard Sram models:




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7 reviews for Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT

    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Sean Wong
    March 17, 2023
    Something different. Does as advertised. Happy.
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    December 1, 2022
    This is what a proper shift paddle should be, blows both SRAM options out of the water, I own both. I have BIG hands and this works great by allowing you to position the shifter farther in board but still be able to shift with just your thumb. One of first paddles I received was binding, AD was quick to resolve this issue that is actually SRAM’s fault. Some of the AXS shifters were manufactured out of spec. They sent me another paddle made specifically for this issue and BOOM! Bobs your uncle. BUY ONE NOW! Seriously that good.
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Jörg Schmitz
    November 13, 2022
    The shifting experience is even better than with the rocker paddle. It his intuitive and very smooth. Impressive that you do not need the original spring with these shifters. AXS shifting is great, but the quick shift makes it awesome! ;-) A clear recommendation for this useful upgrade at a reasonable price.
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Chuck Clark
    October 20, 2022
    My thumbs are pretty beat up. Although I love nearly everything about my AXS setup, I never fell in love with either the stock 'rocker' shifter or the paddle upgrade. Neither were comfortable and my 20+ year riding history meant I had many a poor shift using either version. Luckily happening upon a recommendation from a Youtuber, the Quickshift system sounded too good to be true. They feel like my old trigger shifters (in a good way), but with less throw required to actuate each shift, much quicker shifting and flawless compatibility with the stock AXS shifter. I will say that it rewards a lot of parking lot testing. Mostly, it takes a few tweaks to get that small paddle to line up with your thumb position. You might have to consider clamp vs. matchmaker and also with/without glove use when you do so. Once you are 'there', it will work beautifully! Henri has been a joy to work with as well - very responsive and helpful on the advice side!
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Erwin Seerber
    October 18, 2022
    Ein absolute geiler Shifter, er macht den Unterschied aus. Die Ergonomie passt genau für mich. Vor allem die QUICKSHIFT Option ist super und auf die möchte ich nicht mehr verzichten Gruß Erwin PS: für das nächste Bike ist auch schon einer geordert :) An absolutely awesome shifter, it makes all the difference. The ergonomics fit perfectly for me. Especially the QUICKSHIFT option is great and I would no longer want to do without it Greeting Erwin PS: for the next bike is also already one ordered :)
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Matthijs de Boorder
    October 7, 2022
    These shifters make the difference. The ergonomics have been well thought out. I especially like the 'trigger-finger' shift option. It makes shifting gears even faster. teh best upgrade for your AXS-system!
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    AXS shifter
    Sram AXS QUICKSHIFT photo review
    Jesse Giling
    October 5, 2022
    This shifter is brilliantly engineered! Runs like a charm, and shifting is quick as hell when I go in race mode. Just a slight thumb movement and it up shifts. I did install the spring though, I like the little bit of resistance it gives. And my favourite part is the custom engraving of my initials, so cool!
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