SRAM AXS Derailleur Parallelogram Bushing Kit


  • More ergonomic (contact area is moved about 10mm to the front)
  • 60% lighter engagement (because the spring is left out)
  • No annoying play in the button (any play can be adjusted with a tiny screw).


Replacement Bushings for SRAM AXS rear derailleurs

Spare bushing (or Bearing) kit for the SRAM AXS derailleur parallelogram joints. The original bushings can break or wear out, but Sram will not supply spare parts for this. You will have to buy a complete new derailleur if just 1 of the bushings is damaged or worn out.

The replacing of the bushings requires technical skills, tools, and propper knowledge of the how a rear derailleur should work.


The bearings will fit all Sram AXS rear derailleurs (GX – XX1 – X01)

Material:  Plastic
(High Grade Glide Bushing Material – made in Germany)
Color: Dark Grey


Additional information

Weight 4 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 mm

Bearing Set (8 pieces), Bearing A, Bearing B, Bearing C


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